The Scholar's Book of Travel Cambridge County Geographies


    THE teaching of geography in this country is undergoing a complete change. Efforts are being made in every direction to create interest in the human aspects of geography and also to render the study of the subject a training in the methods of science. The pupil is no longer merely set to learn by heart lists of geographical data, but he is encouraged by the study of maps, by simple experiments, and by reference to original sources, to discover and to arrange facts for himself, and by his own efforts to arrive at simple, broad geographical principles.

    The Scholar's Book of Travel.

    Part i., The British Isles and Readings in Physical Geography. Pp. viii + 197. Part ii., Europe. Pp. viii + 198. Part iii., Other Lands. Pp. viii + 200. Part iv., The British Empire. Pp. viii + 200. (London: George Philip and Son, Ltd., n.d.) Price 1s. 3d. each.

    Cambridge County Geographies.

    Cambridgeshire. By Prof. T. McKenny Hughes and Mary C. Hughes. Pp. xiii + 271. (Cambridge: The University Press, 1909.) Price 1s. 6d.

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