Yorkshire Type Ammonites


    IT is intended that this work shall appear in about sixteen parts. The object of the publication is to give an adequate pictorial and critical revision of the type-specimens of Jurassic ammonites from Yorkshire which were unsatisfactorily described or figured by the early authorities Young and Bird, John Phillips and Martin Simpson. The treatment is similar to that in the well-known “Palæontologia Universalis,” and the excellent illustrations in collotype process are from photographs of the actual specimens, mainly by Mr. J. W. Tutcher. In addition to a reprint of the original diagnoses, supplemented by useful critical remarks, the editor has supplied a clearly arranged and concise account of the comprehensive system of terminology which has been adopted by those who have made the most advanced studies of ammonite-development. He has also added some original and suggestive remarks on the cyclical development of the shell-form. In another section of the work there are useful notes on generic names. Twelve plates are issued in the present part, with text relating to eight species, and the introductory matter is uncompleted. This work will prove indispensable, not only to those who take a serious interest in Yorkshire geology, but to all students of Jurassic ammonites.

    Yorkshire Type Ammonites.

    Edited by Mr. S. S. Buckman. Part 1. Pp. iaxii, i aii, plates 12, and descriptions Nos. 1a8. (London: W. Wesley and Son, 1909.) Price 3s. 3d. net.

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