Hayward's Botanist's Pocket-book


    THE “Botanist's Pocket-book” is well known as a handy companion of a convenient size for the pocket, and containing sufficient data to determine ordinary plants in the field. The original work, published in 1872, was enlarged in 1886 by the addition of an appendix, but, as many changes have recently been rendered necessary, the publishers have wisely authorised Mr. G. C. Druce to make a thorough revision. The general plan remains the same, but there is evidence of Mr. Druce's emendations from the first page to the last. Notably, the synopsis of the natural orders has been corrected, the arrangement of the genera has been altered, and both genera and species have been carefully revised to incorporate the conclusions of present-day authorities and present the nomenclature in accordance with the recommendations of the Vienna Congress.

    Hayward's Botanist's Pocket-book.

    13th edition. revised and enlarged. By G. C. Druce. Pp. xliv + 280. (London: George Bell and Sons, 1909.) Price 4s. 6d. net.

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