A Finnish Ethnological Expedition to British Papua


    ABOUT the middle of this month Dr. Gunar Landtman, lecturer in sociology at the University of Helsingfors, will leave London for an ethnological expedition to British Papua. In 1904 Dr. Landtman attended the Martin White lectures on sociology that were given in the University of London by Prof. E. Westermarck and those on ethnology by Dr. A. C. Haddon. In 1905 he wrote his doctor's dissertation “On the, Origin of Priesthood,” and in 1909 published a thesis on “The Primary Causes of Social Inequality.” Dr. Landtman will make the island of Badu, in Torres Straits, his headquarters; thence he expects to proceed to Saibai, and later to that portion of the mainland of British Papua which faces Torres Straits, and is known to the natives as Daudai, and, gradually working his way eastwards, he will eventually study the natives of various islands in the delta of the Fly River. Very little is known about this district, and it is important that it should be investigated before the natives are further modified by contact with the white man.

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