Records of the Earthquake of January 22


DR. CHREE has noted in NATURE of February 3 the mechanical effect upon the Kew declination-magnetograph by the earthquake of January 22. Any confirmation of movements of this kind is of considerable value, and I therefore send you this notice of the corresponding effects upon the Stonyhurst magnetographs. All the three elements were markedly affected; the declination magnet was set in oscillation at 8h. 56m. a.m. for five minutes, the vertical force magnet also at 8.56 for about two minutes, and the horizontal force magnet was the most disturbed, commencing at 8.52 and lasting for quite ten minutes, with a maximum displacement of 3.5 mm. against the force of the torsion balance, but it is not clear that there was any swing on the opposite side of the normal position.

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SIDGREAVES, W. Records of the Earthquake of January 22. Nature 82, 429 (1910).

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