Van Nostrand's Chemical Annual, 1909


THE first edition of this “Annual” was published in 1907, and was reviewed in NATURE of January 23, 1908. The second issue, which has recently come to hand, has been increased in size by some eighty pages, and contains a considerable amount of new matter, including a table of the physical constants of the alkaloids, by Dr. A. Seidell, and a similar table, for the essential oils, by A. E. Seeker, who has also revised the tables on fats and oils. Prof. Parr's recently calculated table of the densities of carbon dioxide has been inserted, and also a table showing the melting points and the composition for a number of fusible alloys.

Van Nostrand's Chemical Annual, 1909.

Second issue. Edited by Dr. J. C. Olsen. Pp. xii + 580. (London: Constable and Co., Ltd.) Price 12s. 6d. net.


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