Mendeleeff's Life and Work 1


    TO many of the present generation of English chemists the commanding, patriarchal figure of Mendeléeff was quite familiar. Though his several visits to London were often connected with official business of the Russian Government Department of Weights and Measures, of which he was the chief official during the later years of his life, he came several times with more purely scientific objects. In 1889 the occasion of his presence in London was the Faraday lecture, which he had been invited to give to the Chemical Society, but which, owing to a sudden and urgent recall to his home, he was unable to deliver in person. His last appearance in this country was in November, 1905, when the Copley medal was awarded to him by the Royal Society.


    1. 1

      The Mendeléeff Memorial Lecture delivered before the Chemical Society on October 21, 1909, by Sir William A. Tilden, F.R.S. Abridged from the Journal of the Society for December, 1909.

    2. 2

      Quart. J. Sci., 1864, i, 643; and Watts's Dictionary, vol. iii., 975.

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