Sir Charles Todd, K.C.M.G., F.R.S.


    FEW men have lived a fuller life or given more freely of their best than Sir Charles Todd, whose death we deeply regret to record. It is only about three years ago that he retired from active service, but he was then above eighty years of age and his career had been unusually long. His scientific life dates back to 1841, when he entered the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. The instruments, as those who used them, have passed away, and he must have been the last survivor of the little band who worked with the old meridian transit and circle. There he acquired a training in scientific methods which he was destined to turn to such useful account in promoting the interests of a new colony. In South Australia he found his work, and there his memory will be treasured. For it was his fortune to organise two departments, the Post Office and the Meteorological Service, which have contributed in no small degree to the growth of that thriving settlement.

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