Records of the Earthquake of January 22


ON January 22 the Kew Milne horizontal pendulum recorded a large earthquake, of which the preliminary tremors commenced at about 8h. 52.6m. a.m., and the large waves at about 8h. 56.1m. The limits of registration, 17 mm., were exceeded between 8h. 58m. and 8h. 59m., and again at 9h. 0.4m. Synchronous with both maxima there were burrs on the magnetic declination trace. The largest, which simulated an oscillation of 1.5′ in declination, commenced about 8h. 57m., and lasted about five minutes. The movements on the declination trace were unquestionably seismic in character, and represented the mechanical effect of the principal earth tremors. The horizontal and vertical force traces were not sensibly affected.

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CHREE, C. Records of the Earthquake of January 22. Nature 82, 398 (1910).

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