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IN reference to the article on the Natural History Museum in NATURE of January 20 (p. 343), in which Sir Archibald Geikie is represented as saying that the questions put to him in the letter from the Speaker of the House of Commons “were entirely in reference to the relations between the Trustees and the Museum”, historical accuracy demands that it should be stated that the questions of Mr. Lowther were two in number (see NATURE, December 16, 1909, p. 196). They were:—(1) “Whether the Board of Trustees, acting through its Standing Committee, is in your judgment the best authority for the government of such an institution as the Natural History Departments of the British Museum?” and (2) “Whether, under the existing statutes and rules, the scientific management of the Natural History Museum suffers any detriment from its association with the Museum at Bloomsbury?”

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SEDGWICK, A. The Natural History Museum. Nature 82, 397 (1910).

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