The Natural History of British Game Birds


THE elaborate style in which Mr. Millais produces his more ambitious works renders it necessary that each should be restricted to a comparatively small group, as otherwise the price would be prohibitive to ordinary purses. In the present magnificent volume, which forms a companion to the “Natural History of the British Surface-feeding Ducks,” the author has tiad a splendid opportunity for his artistic talents, as few birds offer finer subjects for illustration than do the members of the grouse and pheasant tribes. Not content with his own powers as an artist, Mr. Millais has secured the cooperation of Mr. Archibald Thorburn, and the combined efforts of these two great bird-painters have resulted in the production of a series of coloured and other pictures which it would be practically impossible to surpass, or even to equal, in effect, beauty of colouring, and general truthfulness to nature.

The Natural History of British Game Birds.

By J. G. Millais. Pp. xi + 142; illustrated. (London: Longmans, Green and Co., 1909.) Price 8l. 8s. net.


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