Table 2 Nutrient composition of the intervention diets throughout the study

From: Long-term effects of a high-protein, low-carbohydrate diet on weight control and cardiovascular risk markers in obese hyperinsulinemic subjects

  Energy control 12- month follow-up
  ER EB 3M 6M 9M 12M
 Energy (MJ/day) 6.7±0.2a 8.5±0.2b,c 8.8±0.9b,c 8.8±0.8b,c 8.3±0.7a,c 9.0±0.8a,c
 CHO (%E) 56.7±0.4*,a 56.5±0.4*,a 47.8±1.0*,b 45.8±0.9b 44.8±1.3b 46.3±1.3b
 Protein (%E) 16.3±0.2*,a 15.9±0.2*,a 18.5±0.5*,b 19.5±0.5*,b 20.2±0.8b 20.5±0.7b
 Total fat (%E) 27.4±0.3a 28.1±0.4a,c 32.8±1.0b 34.1±0.8b 33.7±0.9b 32.4±1.1b,c
SFA (%E) 8.2±0.1a 8.7±0.2a 11.4±0.6b,c 12.4±0.5b 11.9±0.5b,c 11.4±0.6b,c
MUFA (%E) 13.6±0.3a 13.3±0.3a,c 12.0±0.5b 12.4±0.4b 12.4±0.4b,c 12.0±0.6b
PUFA (%E) 3.0±0.1a 3.6±0.2a 6.1±0.3b 6.0±0.4b 6.2±0.4b 5.8±0.4b
 Cholesterol (mg/day) 87.1±2.5*,a 121.9±9.6*,b 263.1±36.0b,c 282.0±32.1b,c 282.2±31.5b,c 309.2±46.3b,c
 Fibre (g/day) 29.8±0.8*,a 37.1±0.9*,b 27.5 ± 2.2a 26.2±2.3a 24.9±1.6a 29.5±3.2a
 Energy (MJ/day) 6.4±0.1a 8.2±0.3b,c 8.3±0.8b,c 8.1±0.5b,c 8.5±0.9a,c 7.6±0.6a,c
 CHO (%E) 43.8±0.4a 43.8±0.5a 43.9±1.1a 44.3±1.2a 43.4±1.3a 46.4±1.6a
 Protein (%E) 28.7±0.3a 28.6±0.4a 20.9±0.8b 22.3±0.8b 21.5±0.8b 21.5±0.8b
 Total Fat (%E) 27.7±0.3 a 27.7±0.4a,c 32.7±0.9b 32.1±0.9b 33.7±0.7b 31.0±1.2b,c
SFA (%E) 8.7±0.2a 8.4±0.2a 12.1±0.5b,c 12.3±0.5b 12.3±0.5b,c 10.9±0.5b,c
MUFA (%E) 13.6±0.3a 13.6±0.3a,c 12.3±0.4b 11.6±0.5b 12.7±0.5b,c 11.7±0.6b
PUFA (%E) 2.8±0.1a 3.1±0.1a 5.4±0.3b 5.2±0.3b 5.7±0.3b 5.5±0.4b
 Cholesterol (mg/day) 184.1±9.8a 247.9±18.2b,c 257.0±25.6a,c 263.6±20.6b,c 238.9±19.6a,c 225.9±17.5a,c
 Fibre (g/day) 21.7±0.8a 28.7±1.3b 25.7±2.6a,b 23.2 ± 1.5a 23.9 ± 2.1a,b 24.5±2.2a,b