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The effect of (−)-hydroxycitrate on energy intake and satiety in overweight humans


Objective: Assessment of the effects of 2 weeks of daily administration of HCA on energy intake and satiety in overweight men and women.

Design: A 6-week randomized placebo-controlled single-blinded cross-over trial. Subjects consumed three times daily for 2 weeks 100 ml tomato juice (placebo) and, separated by a 2 week wash-out period, 100 ml tomato juice with 300 mg HCA.

Subjects: Twelve males and 12 females (body mass index 27.5±2.0 kg/m2; age 37±10 y).

Measurements: After 2 weeks, 24 h energy intake (EI), appetite profile, hedonics, mood and possible change in dietary restraint were assessed in the laboratory restaurant. Prevention of degradation and bio-availability was documented.

Results: Twenty-four-hour EI was decreased by 15–30% (P<0.05) with HCA treatment compared to placebo, without changes in the appetite profile, dietary restraint, mood, taste perception and hedonics, while body weight tended to decrease (P=0.1).

Conclusion: HCA treatment reduced 24 h EI in humans while satiety was sustained.

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This study was financially supported by Novartis Consumer Health Ltd (Nyon, Switzerland) and by Novartis Pharma (Basel, Switzerland, and Summit, NJ, USA).

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