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The Survey of Africa


THE fifth volume of the account of the geodetic survey of South Africa, executed under the supervision of Sir David Gill, has now been issued. With the four volumes previously published the description of the whole work, from the southernmost point of the continent up to the Zambezi River, is thus ocompleted. A sixth and final volume is promised, which will comprise that portion of the thirtieth meridian arc done by Dr. Rubin, carrying the survey northward from the Zambezi to a point 70 miles south of Lake Tanganyika. This will therefore round off the South African part of this great undertaking, the first idea of which was originally conceived by Sir D. Gill in 1879. To him, together with his able lieutenant, Colonel Sir W. G. Morris, the credit of thus carrying through this immense task, in face of many political and financial difficulties, must be ascribed.

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