Anthropology at the British Association

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    THE meeting of the anthropological section of the British Association was amongst the most successful that has been held in recent years. The address of the president, Prof. Ridgeway, which has been reported in full in NATURE, has already led to considerable discussion and promises to have a good effect, and the meeting, so happily inaugurated, has been fruitful of much good work. As has been noticeable for some time past, papers upon archaeological subjects were by far the most numerous. It is to be regretted that the communications in physical anthropology, although of exceptional interest, were hardly so numerous as those interested in the welfare of the section would wish to see. It is to be feared that there is a tendency among physical anthropologists to submit the results of their work to bodies other than the association—a matter for regret in view both of. the. importance of this branch of the study of man and of the interest in the subject taken by the ordinary members of the association, as shown by the size of the audience usually attracted by such papers.

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    Anthropology at the British Association . Nature 78, 681–683 (1908) doi:10.1038/078681a0

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