Chemical Data for the Geologist 1

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GEOLOGY, as has sometimes been said, is less a distinct science than the meeting-ground of all the. sciences as applied to a distinct object, viz. as elucidating the history of the earth and its inhabitants. The working geologist therefore feels, more than most of his brethren, the necessity of gaining some acquaintance with numerous branches of knowledge in which he cannot pretend to be a specialist. In particular, the problems of physical geology and petrology are closely bound up with the modern developments of inorganic chemistry, and require not only a familiarity with general principles, but a knowledge of specific results, scattered through the pages of many journals and transactions of societies.


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    "The Data of Geochemistry". By Frank Wigglesworth Clarke . Bull. No. 330 United States Geological Survey. Pp. 716. (Washington, 1908).

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