The Horned Dinosaurs 1

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FROM time to time mention has been made in the columns of NATURE of contributions to our knowledge of what are perhaps the most wonderful members of a wonderful order, namely, the horned dinosaurs, or Ceratopsia, of the American Upper Cretaceous, the last of such notices relating to Mr. Lull's conclusions to be drawn with regard to the cranial muscles of the typical forms from the study of the skull. In the present sumptuously illustrated volume, which has a melancholy interest as being mainly the work of an exceedingly talented and promising paleontologist who did not live to earn the. full reward of his labours, we have a full description of all that is known with regard to the osteology, relationships, and plassification of these wondrous reptiles, together with notes and speculations (by Mr. Lull) regarding their distribution, phylogeny, and probable habits and environment.


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    "The Ceratopsia". By J. B. Hatcher . Edited and completed by, R. S. Lull . Pp. xxx+300; plates i–lii. (Washington: U.S. Geol. Survey, Monograph xlix., 1907).

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