Scientific Aid to Egyptian Agriculture 1


FEW of the changes effected during the past decade in our management of the Crown colonies, India, and Egypt will be of more lasting benefit than the establishment in them of scientific, as distinct from the ordinary administrative, departments of agriculture. Although they have only been working a short time, some of them have already rendered very useful service, and give promise of even better things in the future; indeed, in this respect these countries are usually better off than the self-governing colonies—one might almost add than ourselves; in proof it is only necessary to refer to the admirable work accomplished in Jamaica and in the Transvaal, where, on the advent of self-government, it was decided to maintain the scientific department.


  1. 1

    "Year-book of the Khedivial Agricultural Society, Cairo, 1906." Pp. 219. (Cairo: National Printing Department, 1907).

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