May Meteors


MAY, like June, cannot be said to be prolific of meteoric showers or to offer special inducements to observers. There are, of course, the May Aquarids, due during the first week of the month in the morning hours. There is also a pretty rich shower of Coronids between about May and 18, but they are not often seen in marked prominence; and I believe there is a special shower at the close of May from the N.W. region of. Pegasus, at about 334°+ 28°, which deserves more attention. I found the position of this radiant on reducing a number of meteors recorded by. the Italian Meteoric Association in 1870, and very satisfactorily confirmed the showers in 1886 May 29 to June 4, the exact positions being 33°+ 28° and 333°+27° respectively.

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