Altitude Tables


SINCE the notice of the first part of this work appeared in NATURE of February 20, the companion volume for latitudes 0° to 30° has been published, making these tables complete between the parallels of 60° N. and 60° S. By their means the navigator can with facility and rapidity determine his position by the observation of any heavenly body the declination of which does not exceed 24°, and, as the latitude and declination are interchangeable in the tables, they are consequently available for all stars up to 60° in declination between 24° N. and 24° S.

Altitude Tables.

Computed for Intervals of Four Minutes between the Parallels of Latitude 0° and 30°, and Parallels of Declination 0° and 24°. Designed for the Determination of the Position Line at all Hour Angles without Logarithmic Computation. By Frederick Ball. Pp. xxxiii + 245. (London: J. D. Potter, 1907.) Price 15s. net.

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