Kinematography in Natural Colours


AT the inauguration, on May 1, of Urbanora House, I where the Charles Urban Trading Co. make kinematograph films, Mr. G. Albert Smith gave—a demonstration of the first examples that he has prepared of his system of animated photography. in. natural colours. The results were excellent, the colours being bright and clean, and so far as one could judge from the drapery, flowers, and flesh tints, they were very good copies of the originals. The method which Mr. Smith has practically perfected allows of the use. of the ordinary bioscope and projection apparatus and the ordinary film. The film itself is not coloured at all, but consists, as in other methods, of colour records, the colour being supplied by stained films behind it.

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J., C. Kinematography in Natural Colours . Nature 78, 21 (1908).

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