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    SEVEN reports just received from the Geological Survey of Canada afford evidence of the valuable work that is being done in investigating the mineral resources of the Dominion. In Report No. 949 Mr. D. B. Dowling describes the Cascade coal basin, Alberta. He gives an outline of the geology and topography of the coalfield, and a detailed account of the character, of the coal, thickness of seams, and extent of the measures. The report is accompanied by eight folding maps. The area illustrated on the map sheets lies within and to the east of the summit of the Rocky Mountains, the formations exposed giving, a continuous section from the highest remaining beds of the Cretaceous down to the bottom of the Carboniferous. The coal is of Cretaceous age. In the hills, south of the Bow River ten or eleven seams, more than 4 feet thick, have been found, while north of Bank-head, on the slope of Cascade Mountain, fourteen possibly workable seams occur. At the Bankhead colliery the coal is an anthracite, admirably suited for domestic purposes. A screening plant handling 1000 tons a day has been erected. In Report No. 953 Mr. H. S. Pbole describes the barytes deposits of Lake Ainslie and North Cheticamp, Nova Scotia, and gives notes on the production, manufacture, and uses of barytes in Canada. Report No. 958 is. devoted to. Dr. G. C. Hoffmann's review of the work done in the laboratory of the survey during the year. It covers seventy-one pages, and contains a large amount, of material of chemical and mineralogical interest. In Report No. 968 Mr. D. D. Cairnes gives an account of the geology of the Moose Mountain area of the disturbed belt of southern Alberta. Coal has been found in several places within this district, and natural gas has been found to the north, south, and east of this area in the same formations as those within it. In Report No. 977 Mr. R. W. Ells gives an account of the geology and natural resources of the area included in N.W. Quarter-sheet No. 122 of the Ontario and. Quebec series, comprising portions of the counties of Pontiac, Carleton, and Renfrew. A lengthy list of fossils from the Chazy, Black River, Trenton, and Pleistocene formations comprised within the area, compiled by Dr. H. M. Ami, is appended … The minerals, of economic, value met with include iron ore, of which there is a workable deposit at Bristol mines, galena and. zinc blende, mica, asbestos, gold, building stone, molybdenite, brick clays, ochre, and shell-marl. Report No. 971 is devoted to Mr. E. D. Ingalls's statistical review of the mineral industries of Canada for 1905. Although, unfortunately, somewhat belated, this report, which covers 174 pages, gives complete and revised information for the year 1905, advance provisional mineral statistics of which were issued on March 2, 1966.

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