M. Maurice Loewy

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    “RIEN ne, saurait exprimer la conternation et l'affiction que la mort foudroyante de Tisserand a répandues autour de lui car l'amitié, l'estime et ladmiration entouraient comme d'une auréole l'illustre astronome qui s'est éteint dans la nuit de mardi.” These words, which M. Loewy spoke at the graveside of his friend and predecessor, Tisserand, may very well be remembered when expressing our sense of the loss which France and science suffer in the sudden removal of the director of the National Observatory of Paris. Even the painful suddenness, which added an increased bitterness to the grief we experienced in the loss of Tisserand, is repeated again with depressing emphasis, for we understand that M. Loewy was struck down while attending a meeting of the Conseil des Observatoires astronomiques.

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