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    Entomological Society, March 2 —Mr. C. O. Waterhouse president, in the chair.—Exhibits.—Commander J. J Walker: Living specimens of the heteromerous beetle Sitaris muralas firsfi re-discovered at Oxford in 1903 by Mr. A. Hamm on old stone walls in the vicinity, of Oxford inhabited by the mason bee, Podalirius (Anthophora) pilipes, on which it is parasitic in its early stages. —G. T. Porritt. Black specimens of both sexes, of Fidonia atomaria from the Harden Moss Moors, Huddersfield, illustrating the melanic tendency of Lepidoptera in the district.—H. St. J. Donisthorpe: Apion semivittatum, taken at Deal; Magdalis duplicata from Nethy Bridge, the first record of the species for Scotland; Formica sanguinea from Aviemore and Nethy Bridge, the first record for Scotland; and Piezostethus formicetorum, taken with Formica rufa at Rannoch, a species not recorded since 1874.—A. H. Jones: A case of butterflies taken this year from Herculesbad, South Hungary, including specimens of Erebia melas from the Domogled, which bore a remarkable resemblance to Erebia alecto, var. nicholli, Oberth., from Campiglio, and Erebia lefebvrei, Oberth., also shown for comparison by Mr. H. Rowland-Brown. Mr. Jones also exhibited examples of Chrosophanus dispar, var. rutilus, and C. alciphron, from the neighbourhood of Budapest, both species of great size and brilliant colouring.—Dr. F. A. Dixey: Specimens from Uganda of the African Pierine genus Mylothris, showing an almost complete gradation between Mylothris chloris, Fabr., and M. agathina, Cram.—M. Jacoby: Several fine forms of the ab. ceronus of L. bellargus taken this autumn at Folkestone, and one example of the ab. cinnides, Stgr.—Norman Joy: A specimen of the rare beetle, Cryptophagus subdepressus, Gyll., taken near Garva, Ross, on August 4 last.—W. J. Lucas: Two specimens of Deilephila euphorbiae bred by Mr. Nicholson and Mr. Summers from larvæ found in Kew Gardens. Mr. Lucas also exhibited several examples of predaceous insects with their prey in situ.—H. M. Edelsten: Specimens of Sesia andraeniformis, bred from pupæ taken in Bedfordshire and Kent, and ova of Nonagria cannae, giving an account of its remarkable methods of oviposition.—A. Harrison and H.Main: Four broods from females of Pieris napi, var. bryoniae, captured on the Kleine Scheidegg Pass, Switzerland, in July, 1906, showing a wide range of variation.—Prof. T. Hudson Beare: A specimen of the rare bug Lygaeus equestris, Linn., from St. Margaret's Bay, also specimens of Hypera tigrina, Boh., taken in some numbers on the wild carrot at the same locality, Apion semivittatum, Gyll., off plants of Mercurialis annua, all taken during the same period at St. Margaret's Bay.—Papers;.—The species of Hesperidæ from the Indo-Malayan and African regions, described by Herr Plotz, with some new Species: Colonel Charles Swinhoe.—The butterflies of Mauritius and Bourbon: Lieut. Colonel Neville Manders,—The hibernating habit of the lepidopterous genus Marasmarcha: Dr. T. A. Chapman.

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