Rainfall in German South-West Africa 1

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    IN spite of native risings and recalcitrant Parliaments, our German cousins manage to carry on meteorological observations in their African possessions, and some results of their work which are of great importance in connection with the general meteorology of South Africa have just been issued as a supplement to the official “Deutsches Kolonialblatt.” In the first section of this publication Dr. Ottweiler has collected and re-printed all trustworthy rainfall records-both official and unofficial-from German South-West Africa, and, for the sake of completeness and comparison, he has added returns from a number of stations in the adjoining British and Portuguese territories. For this alone meteorologists will be grateful to him. A supplementary table giving the positions and heights of the stations, and in most cases a brief description of the orographical features of the country surrounding them, will also be welcome.

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