The Mexican Earthquake

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    ANOTHER great earthquake has been added to I I the series which has marked the recent increase in seismic and volcanic activity along the Pacific coast of America. At 11.30 p.m. on Sunday, April 14, or about 6 am. of April 15 by Greenwich time, the greater part of Mexico was visited by a destructive earthquake. As usual, the first accounts were not only exaggerated, but gave an erroneous impression of the distribution of damage; Mexico city, which was represented as almost destroyed, proved by later accounts to have been comparatively little damaged; while the towns of Chilpancingo and Chilapu, as well as some others not to be found in ordinary atlases, suffered great destruction. The sea-coast towns from Salina Cruz to Acapulco suffered severely, and a portion of the latter is said to have been submerged. The shock is reported as severe at San Luis Potori and Juan Batista, though no damage wa done at either place; these two cities are about 530 miles apart and about 350 miles from the region of greatest damage, so we may estimate the area over which the shock was sensible as extending to somewhere about 500 miles from the centre of the disturbance.

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