Two Contrasted Western Canadian Tribes

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    MR. HILL-TOUT'S volume fully maintains the standard established by its companions which have already appeared in the? Native Races of the British Empire? series, edited by Mr. N. W. Thomas. In clearness and lucidity it perhaps surpasses either of them, for, instead of numberless insufficiently known groups, such as those of Australia, or an inextricable mass of humanity such as crowds British Central Africa, it deals merely with two well-defined linguistic stocks, the Salish and the Déné, occupying clearly marked areas, and characterised by distinct ethnographic features. Over the vast area between Hudson Bay and the Pacific Ocean diversity of climate has produced diversity of development, and the introductory chapter describes the geography, flora, and fauna of the region, and gives a brief history of the accounts of the early explorers before proceeding to the grouping of the native races.

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