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    COMET 1907a.—No. 4165 (March 26) of the Astronoinische Nachrichten contains a new set of elements and an ephemeris for comet; 1907 (Giacobini), calculated by Herr M. Ebell from 1aces observed on March 9, 12, and 16. According to the elements, the perihelion passage took place on March 26, and, as shown by the ephemeris, the comet's brightness is decreasing, now being less than half what it was at the time of discovery. The position of this object for April 11 is a = 6h. 14m., = +4° 47, and the comet is travelling in a nearly due northerly direction, its calculated position for May 6 being 6h. 10m. +13° 42g.

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