The Growth of Micro-Organisms 1


THE author, early in the past year, began to make experiments on the origin-of-life question, with various saline solutions containing ammoniacal salts. After a time he found the best results were to be obtained with one or other of two solutions, one of which contained small quantities of sodium silicate, ammonium phosphate, and dilute phosphoric acid in distilled water, and the other a simple solution of sodium silicate with liquor fern pernitratis in distilled water. It was found, also, that with the use of these saline solutions exposure of the experimental vessels to diffuse daylight, with even a mean temperature of only 60° F. to 65° F., favoured the appearance of microorganisms quite as much as, or even mcre than, darkness associated with an incubator temperature of 95° F.

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BASTIAN, H. The Growth of Micro-Organisms 1 . Nature 75, 425–426 (1907).

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