Speech Curves 1


DR. SCRIPTURE since 1901 has worked with zeal and energy at experimental phonetics, and he has published several valuable papers, as well as a large volume treating generally of the subject. The work has been carried on with the aid of the Carnegie Institution of Washington at Yale, Munich, Berlin, and Zurich. It has been an expensive research, as in addition to costly apparatus a staff of clerks was required for computation. A perusal of this monograph proves that Dr. Scripture has shown great ingenuity in the construction of recorders and in overcoming technical difficulties that can be fully appreciated only by those who have made excursions into this field of research. His experimental method has been to transcribe on smoked paper the curves of speech both from the gramophone of Berliner and the phonograph of Edison.

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MCKENDRICK, J. Speech Curves 1 . Nature 75, 392–394 (1907). https://doi.org/10.1038/075392b0

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