The Problem of the Rhodesian Ruins 1


    THE recent investigation of some of the famous ruins of Rhodesia, conducted in 1905 by Dr. D. Randall-Maclver on behalf of the British Association and the Rhodes trustees, has resulted in an entirely fresh view of their origin and age. The hitherto generally accepted view, that these buildings were erected in very ancient days by a Semitic people, whose search for gold led them thus far afield, ha received a serious check. Dr. Maclver's researches conducted upon the lines of archaeological investigation, point to the buildings in question being of comparatively recent date, not earlier, in fact, than late mediæval times. This result is the more striking when we remember that his previous researches have been mainly archæological, conducted chiefly in Egypt, and that, in consequence, we might expect a certain degree of bias in favour of retaining the ruins within the sphere of archlnology. That a trained archlæologist has been unable to find evidence of high antiquity upon the sites investigated is at least a strong point infavour of his argument.

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