The Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge


NOT only have physicists and engineers and other men who apply mathematics been anxious for many years for reform at Cambridge, but everybody who has wished to see the study of mathematics retain its place in general education. Again, nearly all who are interested in the training of those mathematicians who are expected to devote their lives to original investigation have expressed much the same arxiety. The long-considered principles of a proposed large reform were brought before the Senate eight months ago in a report of the mathematics board, to which v ere appended twelve resolutions supported by every one of the mathematical prQfessors and university lecturers in mathematics; and these resolutions, after they had been before the Senate i five or six months, were voted upon and carried by majorities varying from 10 per cent. to 40 per cent. on October 25, 1906.

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PERRY, J. The Mathematical Tripos at Cambridge . Nature 75, 273–274 (1907).

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