Archæological Discoveries in Turkestan


    WE have referred already (NATURE, December 13, 1906, p. 155., and December 20, 1906, p. 180) to the archeological expeditions of Dr. M. A. Stein and Dr. von Lecoq in Central Asia. News of Dr. Stein's second expedition, which has resulted in further finds of importance, has lately been received, and details of the discoveries of Dr. von Lecoq (foolishly described in a telegram from India as comparable with those of Layard and Rawlinson!) have been communicated by the discoverer to the Srinagar correspondent ol the Times of India, quoted in the Times of January 3. From these it is evident that Dr. von Lecoq's discoveries are, as might have been expected, analogous to those of his forerunner, Dr. Stein, in imitation and emulation of whose work the Prussian expedition of Dr. von Lecoq was sent out. The MSS. documents found by Dr. von Lecoq are, with the exceptions noted below, of the same type and in the same languages as those found by Dr. Stein, and, further, Buddhist paintings of the kind described by Dr. Lecoq as “the missing stepping-stone by which Indian art advanced across Asia to Japan” were first found by Dr. Stein.

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