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    LONDON. Zoological Society, December is, 1906.—Dr. H. Woodward, F.R.S., vice-president, in the chair.—An account of the ascidians of the Cape Verde marine fauna collected by Mr. Cyril Crossland: Dr. J. Rennie and H. Wiseman. The occurrence of ten species of Ascidim Simplices was recorded, of which three were described as new.—Variations in the arterial system of certain species of Anura: L. K. Crawshay—Descriptions of fifty-three new species of African Coleoptera of the family Curculionidæ: Guy A. K. Marshall.—The cranial and spinal nerves of Chlamydoselachus anguineus: Mrs. O. A. Merritt Hawkes. The paper contamed a description of these nerves and discussions of them from the point of view of the nerve-component theory, and showed that the nervous as well as the other systems of Chlamydoselachus combined specialised and primitive features.—Two mammals obtained by Major Powell-Cotton in the Ituri Forest: R. Lydekker. The author referred a dark-coloured cats skin to a race of Felis chrysothrix, and also described a giant elephant-shrew as new.—The skull of a bruang, or Malay bear, from Tibet, representing a distinct race: R. Lydekker.—South Indian nudibranchs: Sir Charles Eliot. A supplementary account of the radulee of various species based on microscopic slides prepared by Alder and Hancock, discovered in the Hancock Museum at Newcastle-on-Tyne. These slides confirmed many of the identifications suggested in the first paper, and in particular showed that Doris glenei was a Chromodoris, and that Doris villosa was Thordisa maculigera, Bgh.

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