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Ethnology of Southern India 1

    Naturevolume 74pages611612 (1906) | Download Citation



    THIS book is a reproduction, with some additions and quotations from published materials, of the useful bulletins which the author, as curator of the Madras Museum and director of the Provincial Ethnographical Survey, has issued during recent years. The arrangement of the book might be much improved; full references to the authorities should have been given, while a bibliography would assist the student in investigating a mass of unfamiliar literature. Even as it stands, the volume, with its useful collection of photographs, supplies much interesting material. The greater part of it is devoted to notes on marriage and death customs, and to a miscellaneous group of notes on omens, charms, magic, and the like. It is, as Mr. Thurston calls it, “a farrago,” with which we can only deal by gleaning some of the interesting facts which abound in its pages.

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