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    JOURNALS dealing with the chemical aspects of physiological and pathological research have long been current in Germany; but up to the present time Englishspeaking workers have had to rely on periodicals dealing with all branches of physiology and pathology for the publication of their results. This is by no means disadvantageous to the readers of such journals, for overspecialisation has its drawbacks. But with the ever increasing activity in the biochemical field of research, the need has for long been felt of a special journal, and we have to chronicle the advent of one—the Bio-chemical Journal—which supplies the need, under the editorship of Prof. Benjamin Moore and Dr. Whitley, of the Liverpool University. In America also a similar want has been met by the issue of the first numbers of what is there called the Journal of Biological Chemistry, which is edited by Prof. Christian Herter, of New York, and Prof. J. J. Abel, of Baltimore.

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