The Solar Physics Observatory Eclipse Expedition


Innsbruck, September 12. SINCE my last letter, which was dated August 26, I have had so little time for writing that I take the first opportunity to record the events that followed the last communication. Passing over August 28 and 29, which were spent in giving the final touches to the various instruments, putting in the eclipse mirrors, and in rehearsing, we come to the eclipse day itself. Turning out at 5 a.m. and scanning the sky, a glance showed that clear weather conditions for eclipse time were very doubtful. Heavy black clouds were sailing majestically across the zenith, and still blacker ones were slowly moving nearer the horizon. There were, however, small breaks here and there where blue patches were exposed for brief intervals, but it seemed that the chances for a clear eclipse were verv small.

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LOCKYER, W. The Solar Physics Observatory Eclipse Expedition . Nature 72, 508–510 (1905) doi:10.1038/072508a0

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