Marine Engines and Boilers, their Design and Construction


    THIS considerable work fills a gap in English engineering literature. For while the related subject of naval architecture has been treated by writers of authority, there is no very good modern book on marine engineering. Dr. Bauer states that it is intended to be a condensed treatise, embodying the theoretical and practical rules used in designing marine engines and boilers. But though thus limited in scope, it treats only of the most modern types and excludes even modern engines and boilers of special types. As might be expected from the engineer-in-chief of the Vulcan Works at Stettin, the machinery of warships and of some of the great German Atlantic liners are very fully illustrated. There is not a great deal of theoretical investigation, but what there is bears very definitely on design, and is sound so far as it goes. Perhaps the most valuable part of the book is the great amount of tabulated information about the proportions of the machinery in good examples of modern practice. There is also a very large collection of those empirical or semi-empirical rules, based on extensive practical experience, on which engineers necessarily so much rely. There is reason to be grateful that an engineer so distinguished as Dr. Bauer, with the care of a great factory on his shoulders, should have found time to produce such a systematic treatise, and that he has been able to obtain the aid of some of his principal technical assistants in dealing with parts of the subject.

    Marine Engines and Boilers, their Design and Construction.

    Based on the work by Dr. G. Bauer. Translated from the second German edition by E. M. and S. Bryan Donkin. Edited by Leslie S. Robertson. Pp. xxviii + 744. (London: Crosby Lockwood and Son.) Price 25s. net.

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