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WE have lately received five publications from the United States Bureau of Forestry, viz. Bulletins Nos. 46, 52 and 53, together with Circulars Nos. 30 and 31. Bulletin No. 46 is entitled “The Basket Willow,” by Mr. William F. Hubbard. The author has evidently made a special study of willow cultivation from every conceivable point of view. At the outset, he gives the general history of willow culture, together with the distribution and characteristics of the willow. This is followed by a most interesting account of willow-growing in the United States from its commencement down to the present time. The present practice is fully described, and much valuable advice is given, showing where improvements can be made on the existing methods of planting and tending the willow holts, choice of species, harvesting, cutting, sorting and packing the rods. The paragraphs which deal with expenditure and returns in American willow culture should go a long way to encourage and increase the development of what is at the present time a somewhat neglected industry in the United States.

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