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The New Mammoth at St. Petersburg

Nature volume 68, pages 297298 (30 July 1903) | Download Citation



THE new mammoth just mounted for exhibition in the Zoological Museum at St. Petersburg, is a triumph of the taxidermist's art. The frozen skin has been cleaned, softened, and prepared. The skeleton, and as many of the surrounding soft tissuesas possible, have been carefully removed from its interior and preserved separately. The animal has been actually stuffed like a modern quadruped, and placed in the attitude in which it originally died. The skin of the head and the ears are artificial, copied from the famous old specimen obtained a century ago by Adams. A model of the base of the proboscis has also been added. The skin of the trunk and limbs, however, is nearly complete, only embellished in parts by the addition of a little wool and hair from other specimens; and some deficiencies are covered by the surrounding mount, which represents the morass into which the animal slipped. The well-preserved tail is especially noteworthy, and bears a large tassel of long black hair at its tip. The animal is a young male of rather small size.

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