Frost Patterns


As I was responsible for opening the discussion in these columns in 1892 and as I am able to confirm Dr. Catherine Raisin's observation as to the recent recurrence of the phenomenon on December 15, I am glad of the present opportunity of sending a few lines on the same subject in order to rectify an omission. In 1873 Prof. Joseph Henry, of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington, forwarded to Prof. Tyndall on behalf of Prof. Lockett, of the Louisiana State University, a beautiful photograph of “plumes produced by the crystallisation of water,” the said pattern having been formed in the coloured sediment in the bottom of a basin in which the water had frozen during the night. This photograph is reproduced as a plate in Tyndall's “Lectures on Light” (I have only the second edition, 1875). It escaped my notice during the correspondence in 1892 or I should certainly have called attention to it.


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