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    Symon's Monthly Meteorological Magazine, March.—Extremes of temperature in London and its neighbourhood for 104 years. This is a very useful little table for reference, showing the monthly absolute maxima and minima temperatures observed at the apartments of the Royal Society (Somerset House) from 1794–1843; at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, from 1841–1890; and at Camden Square, from 1858–1897. During this long series, the absolute maximum is 97°˙1, at Greenwich, in July 1881, and the absolute minimum 4°˙0, at Somerset House, in December 1796, and at Greenwich, in January 1841. This table also shows that the reading of 64°˙8, recorded at Camden Square on February 10 last (to which we recently referred), was more than 2° higher than any temperature in February in the neighbourhood of London since 1794.

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