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    Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, February.— Prof. F. N. Cole gives an account of the fifth annual meeting of the Society, and abstracts several of the papers which were read. It appears that this young Society is in a very flourishing condition. Prof. Cole stated that two factors have contributed powerfully to increase the Society since its reorganisation as a national body (originally it was the New York Mathematical Society). One of these is the institution of summer meetings, held usually in connection with the large general scientific gatherings; and the other is the founding of the Chicago Section, which works in perfect harmony with the general Society.—Prof. Holgate follows with an account of the December meeting of this Chicago branch.—Some thirteen papers were read, and a few of these are given in abstract.—A valuable “report on recent progress in the theory of the groups of a finite order” is a paper by Dr. G. A. Miller, a well-known authority in this field of work. It was read at the meeting of ihe American Association, held at Boston in August last.

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