A New Photographic Printing Paper

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    WITHIN the last few months several new brands of photographic printing papers have been placed on the market, all of which are characterised by the possibility of all the manipulations involved in the exposure and development of the prints being performed in an ordinarily lighted room. The basis of most of these papers is a very slow bromide emulsion, with varying proportions of chlorides to modify its qualities for particular purposes. The paper issued under the name of “Dekko” by Messrs. Kodak, Ltd. (late the. “Eastman Photo. Materials Co.”), is one of this class. As stated in the circulars accompanying the paper, its special feature is that it may be exposed, developed and fixed in an ordinary room illuminated by artificial light or weak daylight, thus doing away with the necessity of a special dark room for its treatment.

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    A New Photographic Printing Paper. Nature 59, 498 (1899) doi:10.1038/059498a0

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