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    Symons's Monthly Meteorological Magazine, February.—Results of meteorological observations at Camden Square (Northwest London) for forty years, 1858-97. This is a second series of tables containing the means and other details for each separate year, while the former series contained only the averages, &c., for the whole period. The results now published will be very valuable for reference. The present number contains the observations for January.—Climatological records for the British Empire in 1897. The table contains the results for sixteen representative localities. Most of the extremes have occurred at the same stations in other years. The highest temperature in the shade was 110°˙8 at Adelaide, and the lowest − 41°˙0 at Winnipeg; the former was also the driest station, mean humidity 59, and had the highest temperature in the sun, 166°˙3. The dampest station was Esquimalt, mean humidity 86. The greatest rainfall, 83˙64 ins., occurred at Grenada, and the least, 14˙22 ins., at Malta. Strange to say, Grenada had the least cloud, average amount 2˙5. This value is unprecedented in the last twenty-one years, the nearest approach to it being 2˙9 at Malta, in 1885.

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