The Simplon Tunnel

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    THE project of a tunnel through the Simplon has been so much discussed and so frequently abandoned, that one might almost doubt whether the scheme last suggested will ultimately prove effective. But the present plan has been brought to a more forward stage than on any previous occasion; the requirements of interested Governments have been met, the pecuniary difficulties seem to have been overcome, and, finally, contracts have been signed with an eminent firm of engineers, whose name is a guarantee that what is undertaken will be performed. We may, therefore, confidently expect in a short time to hear that this arduous work has been commenced; and it is scarcely premature to glance at the various problems, physical, mechanical and economical, that have had to be solved, or to express a hope that the solutions which have been offered, based as they are on varied experience, will prove adequate to cope with the many difficulties that will arise.

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