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    Symons's Monthly Meteorological Magazine, April.—The first daily weather map. In September 1896, Mr. Symons issued a photographic reproduction of the first daily weather map ever published, and promised to give its history, after making further inquiries. In 1849 the proprietors of the Daily News decided upon publishing reports of wind and weather. The organisation was entrusted to Mr. Glaisher, who travelled over the country, and, with the co-operation of the railway and electric telegraph companies, erected instruments and instructed the clerks in their use. The issue of the above journal for June 14, 1849, contained the earliest known telegraphic weather report. During the Exhibition of 1851, the Secretary of the Society of Arts decided upon issuing the information collected by the Electric Telegraph Company in the form of a daily weather map, the first of which appeared on August 8, 1851.—Scientific kite work in the Arctic regions. In a foot-note to Dr. Harvey's article on meteorology, in the Encyclopedia Metropolitana, there is a description of an experiment made by the Rev. G. Fisher and Captain Sir E. Parry, at the island of Igloolik, in lat. 69°21′ N. and long. 81° 42′ W. during the winter 1822-23. The height observed was 379 feet, and the temperature recorded was - 24°, there being no variation in the temperature between that altitude and the surface of the earth, although the thermometer was capable of indicating the smallest change.

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