On Electrical Properties of Fumes Proceeding from Flames and Burning Charcoal

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    § I. MANY experimenters have investigated the electrical properties of flames and incandescent solids. The methods usually employed have been(1) to examine the electric conductivity of different parts of the flame;2 (2) to measure the difference of potential between platinum wires in different positions in the same flame;3 (3) to find the leakage of a charged conductor when placed near, or in view of, a flame or an incandescent solid;4 (4) to observe the leakage of a conductor, raised to a red or white heat, by an electric current, and electrically charged while it is surrounded by different gases;5 and (5) to observe the production of electrification or diselectrification by a glowing wire, through which a current is passings in neighbouring insulated conductors separated from it by different gases.6


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