Koch's Recent Researches on Tuberculin

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DURING the last couple of weeks there have appeared in the various lay and medical journals long accounts of an im proved method of preparing and using tuberculin. Koch and his assistants, no doubt disappointed at the results of the premature application of the tuberculin treatment, have, for seven years, worked away steadily to try to counteract some of the damage done by irresponsible enthusiasts in 1890. How far they have succeeded will be gathered by those who carefully weigh the work that has now been published. Disregarding Koch's in structions that the cases of tuberculosis to be subjected to the tuberculin treatment should be carefully selected, and that tuberculin should not be tried in any but comparatively early cases, physicians threw aside tuberculin as being not only of no use, but absolutely injurious, and taking into consideration the class of case on which it was tried they were right.

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