Plan to Generate Electricity at the Nile Cataracts

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    THE Department of Public Works in Egypt has long been engaged on plans for dams on the Nile to improve the irrigation. Having lately learnt that the vast energy now wasted in the rapids, generally called cataracts, on the Nile might be converted into electric power, and conveyed even to considerable distances, where an economical form of power would tend greatly to the development and wealth of the country, they asked Prof. George Forbes to go to Egypt during the period of high Nile, and to investigate and survey the localities where power might be developed to a point as far south as the Egyptian frontier. Prof. Forbes was asked to report on the capabilities of all the rapids, and prepare plans and estimates for works both in conjunction with, and independent of, the proposed irrigation dams. The Report, which is to be completed by September 1898, will further embody the scheme for transmitting the electric power to places where it is wanted.

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